Eco-Friendly Periods

I thought Plastic free July would be the perfect time to tell you about an opportunity we had at our kid's school last month!

Between us, Clare and I have five children and my eldest, in Year 5, began the "growing up" chat in her PSHE lessons. With our kid's school already looking at loads of awesome ways to become more eco-friendly, I thought this would be a great opportunity to get in touch with their school to ask if I could provide all of the girls with some information about eco-friendly periods. I have already spoken to my daughter about her period and showed her what I use, but we also talk about all of the options so that she is well informed and there are no surprises. I knew the girls were going to be sent home with a goodie bag, so I wanted us to include some eco-friendly options and information, so they could learn all about the different ways they can look after themselves.

I got in touch with Christine at Earthwise Girls who very kindly provided us with some cloth sanitary samples and other information to include in these goodie bags. We also put together a leaflet for the girls, containing information about all the benefits of using cloth sanitary wear.

The response from the school and all the girls was fantastic! The girls really loved the look and feel of the cloth pad and a few of them already seem interested to give them a try, which is fabulous news!

We care that our kids are well informed, it matters that they know all the options so that they can make these decisions themselves and perhaps some of them will go conventional, but at least they know that cloth sanitary wear is normal too!

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