Eco Valentines'

It's not difficult to get caught up in the hype of Valentines' Day, the shops are flooded with an overwhelming amount of options that aren't always the sustainable choice.

Choccies are wrapped in plastic, cards are splashed with glitter and encased in cellophane and many of the other products aren't environmentally kind, or ethical.

Products made in countries with poor conditions and low wages and flowers imported from across the world have sad conseqences for the planet and for the people making them too.

So what are some ways you can be sure you're having an eco-friendly Valentines' Day?


Picking seasonal and locally grown flowers is a great option!

Roses don't grow in the winter here in the UK, so the plastic wrapped bunches you see in the shops have been shipped in! Instead look for marigolds, wild primroses and bluebells; wild flowers have a beautful whimsical and romantic look about them.

When buying flowers, consider the amount of plastic wrapping they come in too, seasonal flowers would look gorgeous presented with a simple piece of twine tied around them, or how about a potted plant or tree?


The fashion industry is one of the top five polluting industries; fast fashion is responsible for microfibre plastic pollution and very questionable working conditions.

Choosing ethical clothing has a surprisingly big impact on everything from the planet to the people who make it. Check out Live Frankly which rounds up five gorgeous underwear brands to try!

Ethical Chocolates

Look for Organic, Ethical and Fair Trade chocolates, free from palm oil.

Chocolate companies such a Tony's where they are working to eradicate child slavery in chocolate production, Seed and Bean, the Cornish brand pay above market price for their cacao, only buying fair trade and ensuring that farmers benefit from the Fairtrade premium from 100 per cent of the bar. Ocelet is a great option too, they buy directly from farmers for a higher price than the Fairtrade standard and also pay a fair living wage to workers. The external FSC cardboard box can be recycled and they use water-based inks, the inner plastic is also compostable.

There are some great and delicious options out there!

Homemade Cards and Gifts

Remember when you were a kid and you made your crush a Valentines' card or wrote them a love letter? Or was that just me?! Just because you're a grown-up, doesn't mean you can't get creative and make one for yourself - and it'd be totally unique!

You could get even more creative with some heart shaped cookies, how about some heart shaped waffles for a romantic breakfast?

If you're not the creative type there are plenty of other options; like wildflower seeds or art.

The Original Way Shop

We have some gorgeous Valentines' Gift Sets available to treat your loved one to, this Valentines' Day, from grooming to pampering we have some luxurious self care products for everyone one and to suit all sorts of budgets. Also check out our gorgeous plantable Valentines' cards.

Other tips

If you're looking for more ideas try typing in key words like "eco friendly Valentines' gifts," and "made in the UK" into your search engine, there are plenty of wonderful options that come up and you and your recipient will love the care and attention you have paid to finding the perfect gift vs picking a bunch of plastic wrapped flowers and chocolates from the shop.

Let's love our planet, love supporting our small businesses and love our gift choices this Valentines' Day!

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