Meet Our Suppliers: Jungle Culture

We source and ensure that we only stock the very best products from independent businesses, who have the same ethos and concerns for the planet as us.

In our new feature 'Meet Our Supplier,' we will be sharing with you the companies we work with and the origin of their products. In our very first meet our suppliers blog, we are featuring Jungle Culture, our newest supplier!


We are very excited to have joined Chris and Jamie’s Jungle Culture Tribe!

“Jungle Culture's philosophy is to inspire people to see the beauty & purpose in nature. We create earth-friendly and functional goods sourced directly from independent artisans & makers from all over the world. We believe in fair and honest manufacturing and care deeply about building relationships with the local communities that we work alongside.”

Along with the curiosity of where things we buy actually come from, Chris and Jamie conceived their business to help remedy the damage a single straw can do to the environment.

500 million straws are currently discarded each year, and one straw can take at least 200 years to degrade, but will still leave micro plastics in our earth forever. We see images all over of discarded straws and the devastating effects they are having on our planet and wildlife.

In 2018, before Jungle Culture, they were Jungle Straws, where Chris and Jamie sourced ethical bamboo drinking straws handmade on a family-run farm in Northern Vietnam.

Chris and Jamie have a passion for traveling and Northern Vietnam led them to Southern Vietnam and other places in between. With a love for life and travel and intent on helping in the fight to save the natural environment as well as connecting with cultures of distant communities, Jungle Culture was born!

With British designers and Asian artisans, the Jungle Culture tribe come together to produce organic coconut bowls, bamboo cutlery and bamboo razors as well as much more and all are made from sustainable materials.

Jungle Culture is a nomadic business; their head office is based in Britain, but they continue to make regular visits to partner farms, factories and craft workshops in Asia. This enables Jungle Culture to guarantee their workers are being treated fairly, and that high-quality production standards and 100% organic manufacturing is being met. There is no strain put on the planet in any of the processes, nor is anything imported and every sale benefits local communities.

The Products

Bamboo Straws

At the Bamboo Straw Farm

These lovely straws are handmade at a single family-run farm owned by Ha Van Thom (above, middle photo) or as the Jungle Culture tribe affectionately call him, Thombinh.

Thombinh comes from a long line of rice farmers who, until recently used their family farm for the production of grains and rice to sell in Vietnam’s bustling markets. Driven by the desire to help Vietnamese businesses lower their waste, Thombinh converted his farm into a production centre for bamboo products. Due to the love and rise in demand for bamboo drinking straws, Thombinh has been able to expand his workshop and employ more local villagers, friends and extended family.

Coconut Bowls

Jungle Culture’s coconut shell bowls are produced in Ben Tre, Southern Vietnam.

At the Coconut Bowl Farm

After harvesting their coconuts for meat and milk, the shells are typically discarded or burned by local villagers. By retrieving the shells to create lovely natural bowls, they bring a practical and environmentally friendly way to utilise existing resources and stop unnecessary burning. Farmers in Ben Tre and now making a much needed secondary income and has given them the incentive to employ local artists to create carved and patterned bowls.

The Impact of Climate Change

On their social media feed, Chris and Jamie explain that Ben Tre is scattered with small rivers, canals and streams, stemming from the Mekong river. The network of waterways provides an extensive organic irrigation system, allowing local farmers to grow crops with very little external water use. Unfortunately, this also means that the area is susceptible to flooding, with local climate change experts predicting that if sea levels continue to rise, more than 50% of Ben Tre could end up underwater. An earnest example of how important environmental issues are to this coastal community.

We love the community and tribe Jungle Culture have forged with their movement, they are passionate and enthusiastic about their products, and the people they work with, from the the farmers and artisans in Vietnam, to the independant brands, shops and customers all over the world. We also shared some of our favourite JC products with Kat from Outside Lives, in our first Meet Our Suppliers video interview.

Jamie and Chris say, "We are still explorers at heart, and the journey of Jungle Culture is as organic as our products. Just like bamboo shoots, our beliefs continue to grow and lead us to harvest new ideas. The thing about adopting a sustainable life is that it's never too late to begin, so why not start your own journey with us today with that single straw."

We are thrilled to be on that journey with Jungle Culture and to be able to bring their ethical and sustainable products to you, including our very own personalised bamboo cups and straws, ...

... and if you’d love your own set of our fabulous Original Way Bamboo straws, then head over to our social accounts for a chance to win in our 1k giveaway!


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