Throwback Thursday – Razors

Throwback Thursday – Razors

Shaving dates way back to the Stone Age and it is believed that men used clam shells like tweezers to pull out their beard hair - ouch! It is also said that men used sharpened obsidian, a naturally occurring volcanic glass, to remove their facial hair.

In Ancient Rome, Julius Ceaser liked a clean shave and plucked his beard hair out one by one too.

Women of ancient Egypt removed all of their body hair, including that on their heads, with tweezers (made from seashells), pumice stones or beeswax and sugar based waxes. Throughout history many lotions, potions and oils were used.

The late 18th century brought about a more civilized approach to hair removal and in 1760, a French barber named Jean Jacques Perret, created the first straight razor for men, which was also used by some women.

In 1903, Gillette introduced the world’s first two piece safety razor; with a thin, strong, sharp double-edge blade attached to a reusable handle.

In the 1960s the cartridge razor was developed. They are now the most common form of shaving tools in developed countries.

The concept of the cartridge razor is similar to that of the safety razor, however the entire head can be removed and disposed of and this where the single-use concerns are raised. These cartridge blades comprise of a mix of metal and plastic and therefore cannot be broken down safely at home to be recycled and they ultimately end up in landfill. The handles are also made up of a mixture of materials that again make it difficult to dispose of in an eco-friendly way. There are a few companies conscious of the materials used and are starting to offer a send back recycling scheme for used blades.

With more people becoming more eco-conscious we are seeing a surge in popularity of the double edge safety razor. The blades are quick and easy to change, and they are much cheaper than the cartridge razors, saving you so much money in the longer term.

At Original Way we ensure we stock only the very best products from independent businesses, who have the same ethos and concerns as us and we stock these great Bambaw bamboo and metal safety razors along with refill blades and have helped lots of customers make a switch to an original tool for shaving.

Couple with a shaving bar from Friendly or Rugged Nature, and whichever part of your body you are shaving, these Bambaw double edge safety razors you will have great shaving experience.

This small change can make a huge impact on the amount of waste leaving your home every year and we think if you tried a shave with a double edge razor, you would find it hard to go back to cardtridge razors!

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